…. — -.. –. . / .–. — -.. –. . Translation…

The string of punctuation above is what is known as Morse Code. Now, this isn’t very useful or common anymore. But my last name is Morse and I’ve always been enamored with Morse Code (no, I’m not related to Samuel Morse, the code’s inventor. At least as far as I know).

It translates to “hodge podge,” which I felt was a fitting tagline/description of this blog. This is my THIRD blog on WordPress but I’ve never been able to a) find my blog “niche” of topics or  b) update consistently. I’m hoping that is all going to change with this new blog, stamped with my “brand” of Morse Code.

For the first post I figured I’d post a list (I. Love. Lists.) of various things about me that will most likely translate into blog posts. It’ll be short and sweet and to the point, and I promise to write it in plain English as opposed to the code. 🙂

1. May graduate, English degree. Job search/application song & dance.
2. Recently wed to my best friend in the universe. He’s a goofball and he makes my life better.
3. Lover of pugs, mom to Tater. Expect pictures and anecdotes.
4. I cook a lot, bake a lot, and eat a lot.
5. Aspiring novelist, poet on the side.
6. Occasional book reviewer.
7. I am fascinated by people and the social world, which got amplified through studying sociology.
8. Move to A New State (TBD) on the horizon for husband to go to seminary. Excitement and anxiety and trust.
9. Sometimes I get it in my mind that I’m going to get “fit.”
10. I love typewriters. I own 2.
11. I drink lots of coffee. I go barefoot. I love the outdoors and wildflowers. I am a Kansas girl through and through. I scribble in journals day in and day out. I’m a bit of a whirlwind of sarcasm and curly blonde hair.

12. Above all, I strive to learn to be grateful and love my Lord with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind. I am redeemed through Christ who is my hope. He is teaching me every day to be more like him. I will shout his glory from the rooftops.

That’s me in a nutshell and just a taste of what this hodge podge blog is going to be all about.






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