Blogging for Books Review — The Dumpling Galaxy

I’m one of those people who always looks at food–any food, really–and says, I bet I could make that. I love the process of cooking and baking by itself, but I also really love being in complete control of what goes in my food. This is a quirk honed by food allergies and intolerances, but it’s also just nice to look at a meal you’ve prepared and know every single ingredient.

To that end, it should be no surprise that, as a dumpling lover, I wanted to make them myself. The idea was always a little bit intimidating, though. But if you’ve ever thought that dumplings were overly complicated, impossible, or just out of your reach, The Dumpling Galaxy is the book for you.

This cookbook, by chef/restaurant owner/dumpling queen Helen You breaks dumpling making down until it seems like the simplest process in the world. In truth, making dumplings is more tedious than it is difficult.

You presents dozens of recipes, in-depth instructions on making dough, and three different ways to cook dumplings (steamed, boiled, or fried) with recipes to match. In her “Galaxy of Flavors” table, she shows a ton of possible ingredients that you can mix and match. You can really do anything with dumplings!

I love the simplistic way You writes this book, stripping dumplings of all of their mystery and making them easy for anybody to make.

Check this book out, guys. If you love dumplings and want to make them at home — get this book!


**I was provided a copy of this book by the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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