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Lia Huber’s writing shines in Nourished, a lushly descriptive memoir that flawlessly weaves three distinct areas of her life: food and cooking, travel, and her personal relationships and faith.

Huber tackles and conquers two topics that are sometimes hard to manage in writing–food and travel–exceptionally well in this book. Her attention to detail is such that a reader can truly feel he or she is in Huber’s shoes as she travels and experiences new foods and cultures. What is special about this book is Huber’s insistence on experiencing genuine local cuisines and learning to recreate them.

I have yet to try any of the included recipes. An unavoidable issue with the recipes is that since a lot of them include ingredients from specific places and cuisines, not all of them might be easily replicated. However, Huber’s attention to the details of these recipes outweighs that concern in my opinion. She is using her book to preserve not only her experiences, but moments of cultural exchange.

Nourished was not a fast read for me, but I didn’t want it to be. This book allows you to settle in and absorb the rich details of Huber’s inner and outer experiences. She is transparent about her struggles, about the highs and lows of her life and travel, and by the end of the book you’ll feel she is your friend.


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